Litter plans
Updated 20 January 2020
Polly x Conor

We mated our Polly (Kirkmarsh Whip O'Diamond) and David & Ursula Wilcox's American import, Conor (Muddy Waters Tide Turn To Fendrake O' Good Dogs Farm) on 20 January 2020.  Assuming this mating has been successful then the litter will be born in late March 2020.

For more information phone us on +44 (0)1142471989 or e mail

Pedigree of prospective litter

10 generation coefficient of inbreeding 5.6%

Health results
  Polly Conor
Hips 7+3 Total 10 2+3 Total 5
Elbows 0 0
Eyes Clear - 14 October 2019 Clear - Dec 2019

Left Polly with mum, Dede and on the right Conor